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Dr. Brittny A. James

Chief Operating Officer


Dr. Brittny James is the Chief Operating Officer for Healthcare Equity Solutions (HCES). She has a background in public health research, management, and practice with a focus on using intersectionality and the life course perspective as frameworks for understanding the interdependence of systems of inequality and implications for social science, policy, and practice. Dr. James has been a leader in higher education for over 10 years, serving as a faculty member/adjunct professor, department chair, and data analyst for several institutions. To that end, she has been recognized for her innovations in instructional methods and research designs targeting historically excluded populations. Lastly, Dr. James also has an established record of successfully managing grant contracts and is well-published in the area of health and higher education disparities.

She attended both Fisk University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Education in Health Promotion. She has a Doctor of Public Health degree in Behavior Sciences and Health Education from the Florida A&M University and is also credentialed as a Certified Health Education Specialist and Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. She is also a current Doctor of Business Administration student in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University, and will graduate in 2026.

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